Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacationing in NorthCarolina....Oh My!

Hello Everyone out there! I am sure that by now, all of you have wondered what happened to me? The answer to that is,"WAYYYY TOO MUCH!" I won't get into the details for now, and possibly NEVER, as I am on vacation here in the wonderful state of North Carolina, and somehow I never want to leave here! Oh-h-h-h the wonders of it all! How can I stay? Where could I live? What would I do?
We are visiting our son Jason & our DIL Meghann, for now, but believe me when I say this place is so inspiring, that I never want to leave! So many things to do, so many places to see, so many ideas and inspirations! I won't even get into all the different foods that you can eat here...Today, if possible, we will be trying some place we had seen on the way to Kure Beach. Our son informed us there is one here in or near Raleigh, so I am anxious to see about this....supposedly it has the best hamburgers, and so on! Bring them on! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the juiciest, thickest, bestest burgers on Earth! I can't always eat them, so when I WANT one, I want it to be the bestest one I can suffer for! LOL!
Yesterday, my DIL Meghann drove to Durham to The Scrap Exchange, which is a WONDERFUL place full of all kinds of goodies that just sparks a ton of imagination for a crafter like myself! I bought a few things and can not wait to use them when I get home! My mind always says, "Why can't we have places like this in WV"? It stinks that our location in WV, oh-so-close to Maryland & Virginia, just doesn't afford us opportunities for businesses such as The Scrap Exchange. Even our GoodWill Stores are pathetic, compared to the bordering states, and also what I have seen on some other blogs! Envious....yup! That is me!

Well, as sad as I am to have to return to WV tomorrow sometime, I am happy to announce that we will be able to come back to NC more often, now that we have bought/financed a new/used car! Yep! For the first time in 12 years, we decided to jump into the ring of fire and just get a new car....a VERY MUCH NEEDED vehicle!
But a well chosen one....I'll have to provide pics later...but for now, here is the stats:

2003 Chrysler PT CRUISER
46,000 miles
Limited Edition:
Sunroof, Leather, Automatic, nice Tunes, nice nice nice vehicle!

The color is strange but also unique, and it is called Magnesium, which to me is somewhere between blue, green, gray, black, charcoal, whatever! LoL! Honestly! It all depends on what light and from what angle it is viewed! But, hey, what I like is that it is NOT RED!!! We seemed to have had an affinity for RED! The Tracer is/was Red, and the Bronco is Red, and I just painted my front door Red!!! TWICE! Didn't like the first Red, what can I say?
Anyhoo....now with a newer car, we can come more often to visit in NC!

For now, I have got to get moving this morning....I was just fooling around on my DIL's Laptop and just thought I had been so terrible for not posting...
Hey Olde Annie, I sure hope you will forgive me for being so LAST on your lists, if I even rate on your lists at all, anymore! hehehe! I know you miss NC, and believe me when I say I can understand WHY!!!!

Okay peoples, I am outta here for now!

Till Another Time!!!