Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You'll NEVER Guess....not in a MILLION Days!!!

Guess Who?!?!? Yep...don't fall off your seat! It IS me!

So much has happened...even I can't put enough emphasis on that line! Let me take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, while YOU go grab your favorite drink...you might want to get a snack, too!

Shortly after my LAST POST, my life took an entire 180 and the next thing I knew, I had a new Job! In just days, I was packing my stuff, and headed to.....wait for it.......North Carolina! WOO HOO!!! Well, it was a Dream-Come-True for me, and a heck of a lot sooner than I had ever thought! I did it in 2 weeks and by April 26th, was headed South and in a daze! My entire life has changed...new life, new love, new home, new town, new, new, new and loving every moment of it! I am now closer to my son, albeit, my daughter is still in WV, along with some precious friends. Am I glad I did it??? You BETCHA!!!

Sooooo....here I am, once again, and now just SIX months in this new life, and I am in reconstruction, once again! I'll have to update pics at some other time, but I must say, my craftroom is huge, and it perplexes me how I EVER got along in an 8 X 8 room! Now that I think about it, I DIDN'T! I couldn't move in there, and never seemed to be able to get that room totally workable for all that was taking place in there. Now I have a HUGE room, like TWO of the old ones, and the puter is OUT of that room, and down here in the "office".

But I HAVE been a bit creative, and as days pass, I find I am enjoying it more and more! The room is bright and cheery, and once I found a stereo on CraigsList, I had all I need to be cozy up there! See what I have done up there???

Aren't those just wonderful? There's some more things, but again, I am just trying to keep everyone informed and catch up with the last several months!

As for now, I am going thru a bunch of stuff, getting ready to do a "trade" with fellow crafters...also this helps get rid of clutter and stuff that I don't think I will be using. Nice Idea, huh!

This is all I have for now....the day is getting away from me and it is time to get UP THERE and get busy!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Nest....Till Another Time!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Start Over!!!

I've been MIA since last Summer, and I am sure I kept everyone wondering, but I assure all of you, that I have been going thru some Major Changes in my life, of which I really don't want to bore all of you, or scare you to death with! But I'm on a new path in my life, and this is one of the changes I have been striving to work on. So Let Us Start Over!!!

So many of you have Giveaways, and since I have been recently decluttering-destashing my craftroom, and the whole house, I thought I would do one of those REALLY SOON! I've had to narrow down my stash for quite some time, and as I have been thru some really thought-provoking times over the last several months, I've had to come to the realization that I AM A PAINTER....not a sewer, knitter, or scrapper....but I have soooo many things in those genres since I do a lot of "cross-over" types of projects! But I don't just get a FEW things, I have several of one thing and none of others! LOL! In other words, some of you may be benefitting from my desire to pare it all down! Many of you can relate to the Primitive Crafter's Stash.....rusty nails wire and stars, to old fabrics, coffee mixes, and twines.....it's all too much, as Peter Walsh says!
Sooooo....for all of you that has visited today, please keep checking back....it may not be today, or thru the Easter Holiday, but very soon, I plan on Shaping Up and Shipping Out!!!

Till Another Time!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall IS coming & I am SO Falling Behind!

Hello Again! I've been trying hard to keep on top of all these blogs, sites and other things, so bear with me while I give a short version of the past weeks!

I wrote about FaceBook the last time, but here I am several weeks later, deciding FaceBook is NOT THAT BAD a place for the multitudes of Crafters, such as myself, to be putting their ideas out there for the world to see and understand the mindsets of the artistic peoples! Sometimes, it is very, very hard for my family, friends, neighbors and others to understand that creative process, and how it can be sooooo difficult to be creative, yet have so many things come in between me and my brushes, paints, and ALL that is required of me, physically & mentally, to turn out wonderful things for them to be facinated by! Everyday things that we all have such as, Bills, Housework, Gardening, Errands, Laundry, Meals and all those things that people tend to think is SOOOooo much easier for Me, since I get to "stay" home everyday. That's the Problem!
They are EXACTLY the same demons that take away from my ability to separate "work", pleasure, creating and crafting! Adding to those issues, PAST health issues, and trying, still, to get back what was lost, just adds to those demons!

What amazes me are the multitudes of creative people that I have discovered on FaceBook, and of those that have "allowed" me to be their friends, are letting me, a perfect stranger in most cases, peek into their day to day lives as a Homeowner, Car Owner, Gardener, Bill payer, and sometimes, someone else's Employee, yet they manage to be creative! Who'd of Thunk It!!! To those peoples, I bow! Learning there ARE other sides of their stories, and seeing their creations posted and the ways that process unfolded, are so encouraging, inspiring, and just plain AweSome!

Days and days ago, on one of those FaceBook days, I had decided that I had the energy and where-with-alls, to get into cleaning a bunch of gourds that I had the fortune of acquiring thru a new friend and fellow crafter. Mind you, cleaning gourds doesn't sound like that big of a deal, and it really hasn't been, until I got these! They were HUGE...one of them, a canteen gourd, didn't hardly fit in the sink! But eventually, they all got their shells scraped and scrunged, till they were smooth! Here is what they looked like halfway thru that batch! Click pics for Larger views! And look at THAT canteen gourd on the top!!! WHEW!!!

Look at how HUGE this one was!!! These were also very hard to get a grip on while all wet!

Well, that was fun to do, and more fun was to start that Imagination flowing as to "who or what" they were telling me they needed to be! Yes...every artistic & creative person will tell you that their projects Speak to them....but it is sometimes very hard to hear them over the other noises in your head like, put toilet paper on the shopping list, or did I make that payment or not? when WAS the last time I scrubbed this sink? LOL! There is a fantasy of walking on the beach that comes to mind....it was sooooo hot that day I was working on these, and the AC was BARELY able to keep up with the amount of heat we were experiencing. Again, it always amazes me WHERE creativity even has the room to get into a brain that is so full of other thoughts!

With that said, I have to go find a place to put all of these monster gourds and start letting them talk to me a bit more, when I find that I have my mind cleared and ready to actually LISTEN to the voices!!! LOL! No, I am NOT ready to be put in a rubber room, yet! At least not if it has to do with creativity!!! Economy, political happenings, and other nonsense MAY get me into that rubber room a whole lot faster than a gourd trying to tell me if it is to be a Santa, a Pumpkin, or a Snowman!!!

Have a great day! Come back and see me real soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FaceBook, Fallacies, Friends & Free Time!

No more promises from me! Yep...I give up!
Fallacies....That means lies, I think, and if so, then I have been making lots of fallacies about my blogs, and that upsets me to a degree.
Honestly, I follow lots of blogs, and I just don't know how people do it, much less keep up.
I can only say that I will try and keep everyone's attention, while at the same time, maintaining a household, inside and out, updating myself with the new rules on Ebay and Etsy. Yep. Me. Reading till I can't stand to read anymore! I have been quite busy around here.
Almost everyday I have found myself saying that I need to update my Blog. Then I put it off, cuz I haven't done anything Fabulous, since going to North Carolina.
I haven't done ANYTHING in the crafting arena, other than a few grunged up projects, and I didn't know where my batteries were, and then the projects were already basecoated, so the Before pictures didn't happen, so what is the point of After pictures?
Then there was the Full Moon the one night, and I thought, Who the HECK would be interested in the Full Moon! Half the world doesn't even know we HAVE a MOON! Much less there are phases to said Moon! LOL!
So, I can only say, that my time has been spent on a LOT of different things, and there are NO pictures.

FaceBook....Geez, where do I begin with THAT?! Has anyone else gotten caught up in this site? I have...I went on ages ago, signed up, and never went back, till last week. WOW! Things moved so quick, I am still dizzy! Friends from NJ, Friends in the Craft World, and not to mention, friends of friends, and networks, and Family, and their friends...I've gained like 30 friends and family, and I haven't even accepted or invited all of them as of yet. Heck, I can't even remember all of them! But I still prefer personal contacts and that seems to get more and more rare, as the years roll on by!

Friends....Oh, how nice to reconnect! I must say that for FaceBook. I hate the thing, and I even have a MySpace somewhere, but can't remember under what names, passwords and so on. But I've done Classmates, and have even found people by Googling them, and FaceBook made it so much easier to say, Hey! Remember me??? And all of them do. Awwww....nice!

Free Time! I seem to have a lot of it at times, and can't seem to focus on my next three steps, or I have NONE and wish I could go back to that moment when I was stumbling over the focusing. Things have been hectic for me...I've said that before, but I am trying to get new routines in place, and not feel the frustration of being interrupted, or not being able to get to certain things, either by choice, or by another reason.

Well, I can say that I am changing all my outlooks at this point. I realized I am frustrated by trying to get my house together, and that I really want to be crafting, and the crafting was having to wait till I could get back into my chair. As I am writing this, I am working on my desktop behind me. Maybe by tomorrow, I can put two thoughts together and make something happen out of glue and toothpicks! LOL!

I've had great news tonight about family, and I am thrilled for now, and relieved beyond belief! I am hoping that in the next few days, I can jostle things around a make a long trip. But that will have to be planned.

Until then, I am focused.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacationing in NorthCarolina....Oh My!

Hello Everyone out there! I am sure that by now, all of you have wondered what happened to me? The answer to that is,"WAYYYY TOO MUCH!" I won't get into the details for now, and possibly NEVER, as I am on vacation here in the wonderful state of North Carolina, and somehow I never want to leave here! Oh-h-h-h the wonders of it all! How can I stay? Where could I live? What would I do?
We are visiting our son Jason & our DIL Meghann, for now, but believe me when I say this place is so inspiring, that I never want to leave! So many things to do, so many places to see, so many ideas and inspirations! I won't even get into all the different foods that you can eat here...Today, if possible, we will be trying some place we had seen on the way to Kure Beach. Our son informed us there is one here in or near Raleigh, so I am anxious to see about this....supposedly it has the best hamburgers, and so on! Bring them on! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the juiciest, thickest, bestest burgers on Earth! I can't always eat them, so when I WANT one, I want it to be the bestest one I can suffer for! LOL!
Yesterday, my DIL Meghann drove to Durham to The Scrap Exchange, which is a WONDERFUL place full of all kinds of goodies that just sparks a ton of imagination for a crafter like myself! I bought a few things and can not wait to use them when I get home! My mind always says, "Why can't we have places like this in WV"? It stinks that our location in WV, oh-so-close to Maryland & Virginia, just doesn't afford us opportunities for businesses such as The Scrap Exchange. Even our GoodWill Stores are pathetic, compared to the bordering states, and also what I have seen on some other blogs! Envious....yup! That is me!

Well, as sad as I am to have to return to WV tomorrow sometime, I am happy to announce that we will be able to come back to NC more often, now that we have bought/financed a new/used car! Yep! For the first time in 12 years, we decided to jump into the ring of fire and just get a new car....a VERY MUCH NEEDED vehicle!
But a well chosen one....I'll have to provide pics later...but for now, here is the stats:

2003 Chrysler PT CRUISER
46,000 miles
Limited Edition:
Sunroof, Leather, Automatic, nice Tunes, nice nice nice vehicle!

The color is strange but also unique, and it is called Magnesium, which to me is somewhere between blue, green, gray, black, charcoal, whatever! LoL! Honestly! It all depends on what light and from what angle it is viewed! But, hey, what I like is that it is NOT RED!!! We seemed to have had an affinity for RED! The Tracer is/was Red, and the Bronco is Red, and I just painted my front door Red!!! TWICE! Didn't like the first Red, what can I say?
Anyhoo....now with a newer car, we can come more often to visit in NC!

For now, I have got to get moving this morning....I was just fooling around on my DIL's Laptop and just thought I had been so terrible for not posting...
Hey Olde Annie, I sure hope you will forgive me for being so LAST on your lists, if I even rate on your lists at all, anymore! hehehe! I know you miss NC, and believe me when I say I can understand WHY!!!!

Okay peoples, I am outta here for now!

Till Another Time!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grand Opening!!!

Hi Everyone!

If you are following this blog, then you will be happy to know that I have completed my "trip" back to crafting!

You can find my FIRST project at the Grand Opening of

Look for Robin's Painted Nest, and also be sure to look at everyone elses goodies! Remember, these are all HANDMADE crafts from some very talented artists! I am honored to be in their company!

Till Another Time!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Come See Me!!!

Hello! Please come see me soon!!! This is Where I will be!

Yes...I have been OH SO BUSY! Go check Robin's Rest for all the news about me & life in general!

Please remember to Bookmark all my blogs and sites, and look for the changes in the names!
I will be keeping my Robin's Rest blog, but it will be more of a Personal Blog...about me, life & adventures of a more personal nature...so don't get rid of it, YET! LOL!

Till Anoth
er Time!