Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Start Over!!!

I've been MIA since last Summer, and I am sure I kept everyone wondering, but I assure all of you, that I have been going thru some Major Changes in my life, of which I really don't want to bore all of you, or scare you to death with! But I'm on a new path in my life, and this is one of the changes I have been striving to work on. So Let Us Start Over!!!

So many of you have Giveaways, and since I have been recently decluttering-destashing my craftroom, and the whole house, I thought I would do one of those REALLY SOON! I've had to narrow down my stash for quite some time, and as I have been thru some really thought-provoking times over the last several months, I've had to come to the realization that I AM A PAINTER....not a sewer, knitter, or scrapper....but I have soooo many things in those genres since I do a lot of "cross-over" types of projects! But I don't just get a FEW things, I have several of one thing and none of others! LOL! In other words, some of you may be benefitting from my desire to pare it all down! Many of you can relate to the Primitive Crafter's Stash.....rusty nails wire and stars, to old fabrics, coffee mixes, and's all too much, as Peter Walsh says!
Sooooo....for all of you that has visited today, please keep checking may not be today, or thru the Easter Holiday, but very soon, I plan on Shaping Up and Shipping Out!!!

Till Another Time!!!