Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You'll NEVER Guess....not in a MILLION Days!!!

Guess Who?!?!? Yep...don't fall off your seat! It IS me!

So much has happened...even I can't put enough emphasis on that line! Let me take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, while YOU go grab your favorite drink...you might want to get a snack, too!

Shortly after my LAST POST, my life took an entire 180 and the next thing I knew, I had a new Job! In just days, I was packing my stuff, and headed to.....wait for it.......North Carolina! WOO HOO!!! Well, it was a Dream-Come-True for me, and a heck of a lot sooner than I had ever thought! I did it in 2 weeks and by April 26th, was headed South and in a daze! My entire life has changed...new life, new love, new home, new town, new, new, new and loving every moment of it! I am now closer to my son, albeit, my daughter is still in WV, along with some precious friends. Am I glad I did it??? You BETCHA!!!

Sooooo....here I am, once again, and now just SIX months in this new life, and I am in reconstruction, once again! I'll have to update pics at some other time, but I must say, my craftroom is huge, and it perplexes me how I EVER got along in an 8 X 8 room! Now that I think about it, I DIDN'T! I couldn't move in there, and never seemed to be able to get that room totally workable for all that was taking place in there. Now I have a HUGE room, like TWO of the old ones, and the puter is OUT of that room, and down here in the "office".

But I HAVE been a bit creative, and as days pass, I find I am enjoying it more and more! The room is bright and cheery, and once I found a stereo on CraigsList, I had all I need to be cozy up there! See what I have done up there???

Aren't those just wonderful? There's some more things, but again, I am just trying to keep everyone informed and catch up with the last several months!

As for now, I am going thru a bunch of stuff, getting ready to do a "trade" with fellow crafters...also this helps get rid of clutter and stuff that I don't think I will be using. Nice Idea, huh!

This is all I have for now....the day is getting away from me and it is time to get UP THERE and get busy!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Nest....Till Another Time!

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