Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You'll NEVER Guess....not in a MILLION Days!!!

Guess Who?!?!? Yep...don't fall off your seat! It IS me!

So much has happened...even I can't put enough emphasis on that line! Let me take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, while YOU go grab your favorite drink...you might want to get a snack, too!

Shortly after my LAST POST, my life took an entire 180 and the next thing I knew, I had a new Job! In just days, I was packing my stuff, and headed to.....wait for it.......North Carolina! WOO HOO!!! Well, it was a Dream-Come-True for me, and a heck of a lot sooner than I had ever thought! I did it in 2 weeks and by April 26th, was headed South and in a daze! My entire life has changed...new life, new love, new home, new town, new, new, new and loving every moment of it! I am now closer to my son, albeit, my daughter is still in WV, along with some precious friends. Am I glad I did it??? You BETCHA!!!

Sooooo....here I am, once again, and now just SIX months in this new life, and I am in reconstruction, once again! I'll have to update pics at some other time, but I must say, my craftroom is huge, and it perplexes me how I EVER got along in an 8 X 8 room! Now that I think about it, I DIDN'T! I couldn't move in there, and never seemed to be able to get that room totally workable for all that was taking place in there. Now I have a HUGE room, like TWO of the old ones, and the puter is OUT of that room, and down here in the "office".

But I HAVE been a bit creative, and as days pass, I find I am enjoying it more and more! The room is bright and cheery, and once I found a stereo on CraigsList, I had all I need to be cozy up there! See what I have done up there???

Aren't those just wonderful? There's some more things, but again, I am just trying to keep everyone informed and catch up with the last several months!

As for now, I am going thru a bunch of stuff, getting ready to do a "trade" with fellow crafters...also this helps get rid of clutter and stuff that I don't think I will be using. Nice Idea, huh!

This is all I have for now....the day is getting away from me and it is time to get UP THERE and get busy!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Nest....Till Another Time!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Start Over!!!

I've been MIA since last Summer, and I am sure I kept everyone wondering, but I assure all of you, that I have been going thru some Major Changes in my life, of which I really don't want to bore all of you, or scare you to death with! But I'm on a new path in my life, and this is one of the changes I have been striving to work on. So Let Us Start Over!!!

So many of you have Giveaways, and since I have been recently decluttering-destashing my craftroom, and the whole house, I thought I would do one of those REALLY SOON! I've had to narrow down my stash for quite some time, and as I have been thru some really thought-provoking times over the last several months, I've had to come to the realization that I AM A PAINTER....not a sewer, knitter, or scrapper....but I have soooo many things in those genres since I do a lot of "cross-over" types of projects! But I don't just get a FEW things, I have several of one thing and none of others! LOL! In other words, some of you may be benefitting from my desire to pare it all down! Many of you can relate to the Primitive Crafter's Stash.....rusty nails wire and stars, to old fabrics, coffee mixes, and twines.....it's all too much, as Peter Walsh says!
Sooooo....for all of you that has visited today, please keep checking back....it may not be today, or thru the Easter Holiday, but very soon, I plan on Shaping Up and Shipping Out!!!

Till Another Time!!!